Dove Registered Entity

What is a Dove Registered Entity?
Organizations who represent two or more commercially supported artists / songwriters / films are invited to apply for status as a Dove Registered Entity (DRE). Commercial support will be determined by recording and distribution contracts, sales and streams, national press coverage and social media following.

What does DRE status provide?
Status as a DRE qualifies the organization to submit Dove Award entries during the DRE submission round in April. Submissions by a DRE will advance to the first round ballot, provided they meet requirements found here under "Rules & Definitions" and also "Policies & Procedures."

How does my organization obtain DRE status?
Annual registration with a fee of $100 is required, along with active Professional or Organizational membership. Fee will be waived for Platinum Organizational Members. For the 2021 Dove Awards season, organizations must apply by Sunday, Feb. 28, 2021. Applications after February 28 will not be processed. GMA will notify all applicants of their status by March 31. Approved organizations will be emailed detailed submission instructions in April. 

CLICK HERE to apply.

Is there an option for submissions other than DRE?
Yes! If we do not receive your application by February 28, or should your organization not qualify as a DRE, you may still submit your entries during the Professional Member submission round in May, with the requirements outlined here. Professional membership by April 23 is required to participate.

2021 Dove Timeline: 
April 6-20: DRE Submissions
April 23: Membership Deadline to be eligible for Professional Member submissions
May 11-18: Professional Member Submissions
October 19: 52nd Annual GMA Dove Awards

Questions? Email [email protected].